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My name is Fiona Jongejans and I am a self-taught intuitive artist from The Netherlands with a background in industrial design. I have been painting a lot when I was growing up and came back to it in 2020. My health required me to slow down and take time apart from my daytime job as designer. Painting helped me to accept the process that was going on.


I paint what I feel. Painting allows me to live through and examine the full depth of my inner world. It can be a raw emotion translated into colour and brushstrokes. It can also be an envisioned safe space for that moment. The canvas never judges. It welcomes bravery, anger, big dreams and vulnerability. And all of that moves through me. Putting it down on canvas is a process of flowing through the emotion: acknowledging it, embracing it, letting it go.


When painting I fully trust my intuition. Colours and composition are not studied beforehand. I never know where a painting will end up when I start working on it. Painting allows me to be fully immersed in the present moment: I start painting and every move on the canvas can inspire the next colour, brushstroke or compositional element.  


When a painting resonates with you, be brave and listen. What feelings does it evoke? What does it tell you? My paintings allow me to trust that everything I experience is inherently good and part of a bigger picture. I hope my paintings can bring a bit of that magic into your life too.

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